We are constantly updating and adapting our large array of lighting designs to keep up with the modern demand.

Our mini catalog is a showcase of some of the currently more popular designs. PDF Spec sheets are available in numerical order at the bottom of this page.

Feel free to request any product spec sheet you can not find below. 

Del Toro Mini Catalog Master.pdf
000W Ring 10inH Blade Sconce Specd.pdf
000P Round Blade Pendant Spec.pdf
001C - Disc Pivot Arm Spec.pdf
001W - Half Cylinder Metal Sconce Spec.pdf
002C - Ring Flush Mount.pdf
002W - Twin Drum Dual Arm Mount Spec.pdf
003C - Linen Wrapped Drum Ceiling Spec.pdf
003P Wrapped Disc Pendant Spec.pdf
004C Shallow Framed Puck Ceiling Spec.pdf
004L - Drum Tripod Lamp Spec.pdf
004P- Downlight Ring Pendant Spec.pdf
004P - 12ft Ring Downlight Spec.pdf
004W - Drum Dual Wall Arm Mount Spec.pdf
004W - Drum Single Wall Arm Mount Spec.pdf
007C - Banded Disc Eye Lens Spec.pdf
007P - Banded Disc Eye Lens Spec.pdf
007P - Banded Disc Spec.pdf
008C - Fancy Framed Puck Ceiling Mount Spec.pdf
008P - Banded Extended Disc Spec.pdf
009P - Shallow Disc Pendant Spec.pdf
010P - Two Tier Drum Pendant Spec.pdf
010L Pathway 7 spec.pdf
012P - UpDown Ring Pendant Spec.pdf
013P - Dual Ring Pendant Spec.pdf
026P - Inverted Saucer Pedant Spec.pdf
027C - UpDown Saucer Lens Spec.pdf
027P - UpDown Saucer Lens Pendant Spec.pdf
031C Hexagon Acoustic Ceiling Spec.pdf
031P Hexagon Pendant Spec.pdf
031C Hexagon Ceiling Spec.pdf
050P - Ring Pendant 4x4 Acrylic Spec.pdf
050P - 12ft Acrylic Ring Downlight Spec.pdf
055P-Trio Disc Ring Pendant Spec.pdf
100C - Square Column Spec.pdf
100C - Square Column Spec.pdf
100C - Square Flushmount Spec.pdf
100W - Square Box Sconce.pdf
106C - Rectangular Flushmount Spec.pdf
110L - Front Bill Pathway Spec.pdf
120W - Split Box Sconce Spec.pdf
125W - Indirect Level Box Sconce Spec.pdf
151W Indirect Plate Sconce.pdf
160W - Shielded Lamp Sconce Spec.pdf
203P - Framed Crown Box Pendant Spec.pdf
204P - Framed Angled Box Pendant Spec.pdf
209P-5 Point Star Pendant.pdf
212L - Pointed Lantern Post Spec.pdf
215L - Hex Lantern Post Spec.pdf
215P - Hex Lantern Pendant Spec.pdf
215W - Hex Lantern Flush Mount Spec.pdf
215W - Hex Lantern Spec.pdf
215W - Hex Lantern SpecB.pdf
215W - Hex Lantern Wall Arm Spec.pdf
221W - Oct Fancy Lantern Spec.pdf
222P - Church Column Pendant Spec.pdf
223P - Hex Lantern Pendant Spec.pdf
230P Large Shade Pendant Spec.pdf
231P - Metal Shade Pendant Spec.pdf
234P - Fabric Drum Pendant Spec.pdf
235L - Decagon Framed Post Mount Spec.pdf
300P - Plank Pendant Spec.pdf
301P - Linear Bar Pendant Spec.pdf
305P Bar Trio Pendant.pdf
306P Bar Quintet Pendant Spec.pdf
307W - Linear Elbow Wall Mount Spec.pdf
308W-Adjustable Tri-Lamp Wall Spec.pdf
313W - Rounded Nose Linear Sconce.pdf
315W Bullnose Linear Wall Mount Spec.pdf
320C - Linear Vandalproof Flush Mount.pdf
325W - Trio Box Wall Sconce Spec.pdf
402P - Double Ring Bowl Pendant Spec.pdf
405C - Inverted Bowl Shade Spec.pdf
410P - Inverted Bowl Pendant Spec.pdf
410W - Dome Spec.pdf
411P - Inverted Bowl Pendant Spec.pdf
411P - Inverted Bowl Pendant Spec Damp.pdf
412P - Large Inverted Bowl Pendant Spec.pdf
415W - Inverted Twin Bowl Spec.pdf
423P Bowl Trio Pendant Spec.pdf
435P - Decorative 5 Bowl Chandelier Spec.pdf
436P - Decorative 5 Bowl Chandelier Spec.pdf
500W Column Round Sconce Spec.pdf
501W - Half Cylinder Strapped Sconce Spec.pdf
502P Accent Panel Cylinder Pendant.pdf
502P Accent Wrapped Cylinder Pendant.pdf
502W - Metal Half Cylinder Sconce Spec.pdf
504P - 18in Can Cylinder Pendant Spec.pdf
504W - Sliced Tube Sconce Spec.pdf
505C Cylinder Flushmount Spec.pdf
505L - Cone Top Bollard Spec.pdf
505P Cylinder Pendant.pdf
505W Puck Sconce.pdf
510P 4in Cylinder Pendant Spec.pdf
510P 4in Cylinder Pendant Detailed Specd.pdf
510P-6in Cylinder Pendant Spec.pdf
510P-6inDia x 36inH Cylinder Pendant Specd.pdf
511P - 6in Cylinder Tube Specd.pdf
511P 12in Cylinder Pendant Spec.pdf
511P 12in Polished Accent Cylinder Pendant Spec.pdf
511W - Metal Cylinder Sconce Backbox Mount Spec.pdf
511W - Metal Cylinder Sconce Spec.pdf
512P - 10in Cylinder Capped Pendant Spec.pdf
512P - Large Cylinder Pendant Spec.pdf
514P - Extended Cylinder Pendant Spec.pdf
520P - Thin Tube Chandelier Spec.pdf
521P-Cylinder Mini Pendant Spec.pdf
521P-Cylinder Mini Pendant Spec.pdf
523P - Multi Cylinder Custom Pendant.pdf
530P Cyclone Pendant Spec.pdf
535P Tube Wrapped Pendant Spec.pdf
545P - Curved Shield Pendant.pdf
545W - Curved Shield Wall Arm Spec.pdf
555W - Half Cylinder Wall Sconce.pdf
560W - Half Shield Laser Accent Spec.pdf
601W - Square Column Framed Sconce.pdf
605P - Framed Square Column Spec.pdf
606W - Covered Half Column Spec.pdf
607W - Rounded Edge Box Sconce Spec.pdf
611F - Downward Lit Bench Spec.pdf
610L - Infinity Pathlight Specd.pdf
611L - Infinity Accented Bollard Spec.pdf
612L Square Infinity Bollard Spec.pdf
615W - Square Column Wall Sconce.pdf
645W-Directional Beam Geo Wall Sconce Spec.pdf
700C Globe Flush Mount Spec.pdf
700P Globe Pendant Low Output Spec.pdf
700P 6in Globe Pendant Spec.pdf
700P-18in Globe Pendant Spec.pdf
700P Globe Pendant Spec.pdf
701P - Globe Options Pendant Mounting Spec.pdf
701P-8in Globe Pendant Spec.pdf
701W-8in Globe Wall Arm Spec.pdf
707W -Dual Arm Globe Sconce Spec.pdf
707W -Dual Arm Globe Sconce Backplate Spec.pdf
711W - Inverted Bowl Swivel Spec.pdf
714P - Fancy 4 Globe Pendant Spec.pdf
715P - Fancy 5 Globe Pendant Spec.pdf
715P- Shade Pendant Options Spec.pdf
725L - Globe Post Mount Spec Sheet.pdf
755W - Angled Shade Sconce Spec.pdf
759P Metal Hourglass Pendant Spec.pdf
760W - Accordion Shade Wall Mount Spec.pdf
762W - Dual Shade Sign Light Spec.pdf
776W - Leather Capped Shade Sconce Spec.pdf
820P-Custom Elipse Pendant Spec.pdf
860P-Vapor Glass Pendant Spec.pdf
860W - Ringlet Shade Sconce Spec.pdf
861P-Vapor Glass Pendant Spec.pdf
861P-Vapor Glass Pendant Spec.pdf
863P-Trio Vapor Glass Pendant Spec.pdf
925C - Triangle Surface Mount Spec-converted.pdf
950C - Cloud Linen Flush Mount Spec.pdf
955P-4ftChain Hung Ring Pendant Spec.pdf
955P-5ftChain Hung Ring Pendant Spec.pdf
960P - Triangle Shade Chandelier.pdf
961C -23in Ring Cylinder Chandelier Spec.pdf
961P -43in Ring Cylinder Chandelier Spec.pdf
990P - Pipe Arm Pendant Spec.pdf
991P - Adjustable Cable Hung Lamps Spec.pdf
995P- Custom Hanging Pipe Grid Spec.pdf
995P- Custom Hanging Pipe Grid LARGE IMAGE.pdf