is the corporate successor to the lamp fabricating division of Coast to Coast Metal Finishing Corporation.Mr. Gil Bernal founded Coast to Coast in 1978 as a painting company, which soon incorporated powder coating in its operation. By and by Coast to Coast began fabricating lighting parts, and metal furnishings. In the 90s Coast to Coast adapted its facilities to allow it to assemble the lighting components it manufactures into complete lighting fixtures, which are finished with our signature high quality powder coating process. Coast to Coast's lighting division developed a product line of 181 lighting designs.

In 2013, Coast to Coast created the Del Toro corporate offshoot to serve as a market brand for its indoor and outdoor lighting products.
Pride in design and craftmanship is the touchstone of Del Toro Lighting, a company delivering a quality product that is elegant and durable, classical in character and modern in functionality. In addition to manufacturing its unique 181 designs, Del Toro embodies the capability of fabricating custom designed lighting fixtures to our customers' specification and satisfaction. Our powder coating facility, traditional brass and copper finishing arrangments and custom finishing capability allows us to deliver our customers a product in virtually any color they desire. Del Toro Lighting's catalog for residental and commercial builders as well as professionals in both the internal and external decorating fields represents a vocabulary of lighting styles which offer businesses, homeowners and sellers the opportunity to upgrade the appeal of their working and living environment.

We offer LED Lighting Components for you Custom Lighting  Fixtures

Our skilled staff, from our product engineers to our draftsmen and draftswomen to our line production personnel have the skill to transform your personal vision of your lighting and illumination needs into a quality product that will add to the grace of your home or place of business.

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